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Fiscal Oversight Consulting, LLC specializes in locating assets for individuals and businesses.  These assets have been previously overlooked and are waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.  If you are looking at this website, it is because you have received an email, phone call or letter from us notifying you of the fact that you or your company are owed money. 

To claim these funds is simple.  All that is required is two signatures from you, a Notary and some simple documentation.  Our fee of 10% will be paid to us by the agency holding your funds, and will be deducted from the assets actually found. Our services are like a collection agency in reverse. We do not get paid unless you do.  

Though many of our clients have felt that this was one of those "too good to be true" cases, they are pleased when they find out that they indeed were owed this money.  It is our job to walk you through the claims process, so that you will ultimately be reunited with these funds. Once you have received your claim form packet, full disclosure about these funds will be made as to their origin, the amount of each account and the type of account it is. (ie., The business who reported these funds, the type of accounts  they were:  refunds, accounts payable etc.)  The law requires us to give complete and full disclosure about these funds before entering into a contractual relationship with you.  

Why Were We Not Notified?

The first question we often hear clients ask is:  "Why were we not notified of these funds?"  And the simple answer is:  because the agency wasn't required to contact you directly.  The same law that protects your funds from unscrupulous businesses, also protects you from the government agencies who are charged with the "safe keeping" of these funds.  And that is precisely how we are able to do what we do.  And, we do it well. 

As stated earlier, the agencies holding your funds were not required to contact you directly, but they were required to publish a list of people and businesses who are in their database and owed funds.  They are published in the legal section of a paper of record within the State, and are in very fine print.  The fact of the matter is, the second largest revenue producer for this agency is the interest received from these funds.  Many of which are so insignificant that a claim would not be worth the time for a company like ours to pursue.  Please visit our FAQ section where many of your questions will be answered.

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