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Unlocking The Power Of Technology

Fiscal Oversight Consulting, LLC is dedicated to reuniting our clients with assets that have previously been overlooked.  We have exploited the power of internet search functions, and combined it with proprietary skills to located surprisingly large amounts of cash that would not otherwise have been discovered without our assistance.  Understandably, most of our clients have serious questions about the validity of these funds, and it is our job to help guide our clients to understanding just how these assets ended up where they are today.  Most of your questions can and will be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website on the menu at the top of this page.  The rest of your questions will be answered by direct consultation with one of our consultants, and after you have received your claim form packet.  Current law requires full disclosure before entering into a contractual relationship with any client.  

Receive Your Claim Form Packet

To receive your no-obligation claim form packet via Certified US Mail please take the time to fill out the forms below. 


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This Form is to be completed by clients, or potential clients of Fiscal Oversight Consulting, LLC.  If you have not received notification by us that you have recoverable assets, you will not receive a claim form packet.  Thank you.

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